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Automated Passive Income!

Unlike other bots, only profitable trades are made...it will HOLD a trade until you're you're in a winning position. Therefore, it will NEVER lose. It's AUTOMATED too. You just need to set it up and let it generate daily profits hands off.

beginners & Experts

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See live profit results right in front of your eyes. Your profits will be compounded with every trade..

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You'll earn a % of the profits of your referrals. They make profits daily, you'll earn commissions daily.

Security & Transparency

The level of PROFESSIONALISM and TRANSPARENCY is unparalleled! 

  • YOU control your funds (Top 5 exchanges)
  • Dynamic compounding!
  • 24/7 Trading
  • Crypto Trading Bot with professional humans Monitoring
  • Funding and Withdrawal will be in Tether USDT
  • Perfect for Nontechnical people

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EazyBot vs Royal Q

Which is the best crypto trading bot ? Watch the video to find out...


They 're so sure of the profits you can make with Eazybot that they offer a free trading membership. You can try the AI Bot free of charge. If you happy with the results or if you feel it is for you, you'll simply upgrade with the profits to get access to more services.